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The Kearney Companies include the following unique companies:

The Kearney Companies, LLC
Florida Soil Cement Company, LLC
CK Equipment, LLC
Track and Roller Equipment, LLC
Joanne Kearney Real Estate


The Kearney Foundation
The Kearney Companies truly believes that "To Whom is Given, Much is Expected (Luke 12:48). To this end the Kearney Companies have made it a priority to give back through the creation of the Kearney Foundation and through a range of charities that support local, state and national needs.

The mission of the Kearney Foundation is to provide assistance with education, training, and otherwise assisting in the development of children and young adults. The foundation has four main areas of focus:

1) Raise funds for distribution to other charities (501(c)(3) organizations) such as the Boys and Girls Club

2) Grant educational scholarships for the disadvantaged

3) Award funds to individuals deemed worthy due to extraordinary educational, civic, military, or public service

4) Assist disadvantaged individuals and families in times of need

One of the major beneficiaries of the foundation has been the Boys and Girls clubs of Riverview.. 

Success Stories

Local Hero averts bus disaster

"Heroine Gets Just Rewards"

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"Teen Averts Bus tragedy"
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"Brandon Grad Army of Support"
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The Kearney Companies
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